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Motorcycle Safety Tips: Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers Los Angeles
Every day motorcyclists are killed or injured in accidents across the United States, leaving victims and their families struggling with injuries, mounding medical bills, and lifelong disability. Sadly, according to the now famous Hurt Study, many of these motorcycle accidents could have been prevented. So how do you prevent yourself from becoming a motorcycle accident victim?
Motorcycle Experience Helps
According to the Hurt study, the majority of motorcyclists who are injured have never been through a formal motorcycle training program, and 92% were self-taught or learned from family or friends. While other experienced riders can offer valid tips and guidance, they should not replace an experienced riding coach. All motorcyclists are urged to take a safety course before hitting the roadways in their state.
The First Six Minutes Could Save Your Life; Motorcycle Lawyers Los Angeles, California

It is important to notice that 50% of all motorcycle crashes occur within the first six minutes of riding. By maintaining vigilance during the first several minutes on the roadway, you could save yourself years of pain and anguish after a motorcycle crash. Even if you are close to home, you should not skimp on safety gear and always wear your helmet no matter how far you have to ride.
Understand Motorcycle Braking
The Hurt Study also noted that many of the single motorcycle accidents occurred when the motorcyclist over brakes or runs wide on a curve due to excess speed or under-cornering. The faster you are riding, the more time you need for braking. While braking under normal circumstances is pretty straightforward, wet or icy surfaces do pose a problem and require extra caution. Be sure to drive slowly on slick surfaces and use your brakes gently.
Cornering with Control
If you enter a corner too fast and brake mid corner, you will ultimately find yourself in the hospital emergency room. You should always take a corner at an appropriate speed and with the throttle slightly on. Use counter-steering to lean into the corner and only accelerate when you see the exit to the turn. Keeping your arms loose will increase your control when you enter a turn.
Look Where You Want the Bike to Go
Target fixation is often the reason for many California motorcycle accidents, because your bike will always go the direction you are looking. With this in mind, you can use this to your advantage. If you look away from danger and in the direction you want your bike to go, then you will steer yourself through some pretty rough situations. If you stare at the pothole in the road, chances are—you will hit it.
If you or someone you love has been hurt by a motorcycle crash anywhere in California, you should contact a California motorcycle accident lawyer. An experienced California motorcycle attorney can help protect your rights, and win the financial relief and other long-term help that your family needs after a serious motorcycle accident. Call the California motorcycle attorneys at 1-800-4 BIKERS to schedule your free consultation today.