Motorcycle Accident Lawyer; Sometimes your first motorcycle isn’t the one that’s meant to be.
Finding the right bike has proven to be a hot topic and a journey that a lot of you are still on.  Reese Mills, our little 5’2’ rider from Florida had explained her ups and downs with her choices in motorcycles and was such a great gal that I had to pester her with inquisitive questions. Of course what is a perfect motorcycle for her may not be perfect for you, yet on the other hand you may read a thing or two that steers you towards a bike (like the Street Bob she recommends) that perhaps you would never even think to consider.
Her first motorcycle was a 2006 Sporty and, she explained, “I asked the Harley-Davidson dealership to recommend a good bike for a beginner and that is what he suggested.  I found it to be very top heavy. I couldn’t touch the ground so I had it lowered as low as it would go and still wasn’t comfortable.  My friend in California had a VRod he was trying to get rid of and I bought it sight unseen, except for pictures, from him.  I flew to Las Vegas to pick it up in 07.  Got it home and still had height issues and wasn’t happy because it had a whining sound and I knew it would never make me happy if it didn’t “rumble”.  I took both bikes to Daytona, Florida, and Rossmeyer’s Destination HD location – they had some Fat Boys waiting for me.  Sat on a Fat Boy and realized I didn’t like it.  We walked and walked through the showroom and they had just gotten the Ironhorse in and on a whim I sat on it.  I felt peace finally that I was flat footed.  The salesman kept telling me it was a lot of bike for a little woman and I didn’t care.  So I bought it in 08.  In 08 I had to repo a 05 Sporty 1200 from a good friend after she quit making payments on it.  The only way to get her name off the title was to trade it, so back to Daytona we go.  I traded it for the 09 Street Bob and loved it.  Had it lowered and though I am still on my tippy toes, the bike was easy to handle and such a smooth ride, I decided to keep it for long hauls and keep the Chopper for bar hopping, so to speak.  Although people told me I would be worn out riding the Ironhorse to Daytona, Florida, I did it anyway since it had the air ride.  Wonderful ride and I was hooked on riding it full time with my feet planted on the ground.  The Street Bob sat in my garage for a year and I didn’t ride it, but I went out to ride it and it fired right up.
I just sold the Street Bob and I regret it.  I went into a Diabetic Coma this past August and hadn’t rode my bike until this past weekend and half way through the rally I realized I have lost a lot of my arm strength.  As much as I hate to admit it, due to health issues, I may have to trade this bike for something smaller.  It is tearing me up since I love this bike, but I can’t and won’t embarrass myself trying to ride it and not able to hold the clutch in is so frustrating.  And that’s with a easy clutch on it.  If I do trade it I will go back to the Street Bob mostly because I can handle that clutch with one finger and not the death grip I have on this bike.  The only drawback on the Outlaw is most Harley shops aren’t qualified to work on them, so I have a bike builder that I keep on stand by for all my work.  I always change out all my pipes immediately and put the chrome wheels on.  Something about chrome just makes them all look nice.”
You can tell a lot about a person by listening to them talk about their bike. Reese is solid. She’s gonna roll down the open road with a bike dialed to what she likes -not what she’s “supposed“ to like.
Find what works for you and carve your own road in life!
If you have any tips on finding the perfect bike – the love of your life please share them with us.
Ride On!
Brenda Fox

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