Georgia Motorcycle AttorneysAccording to the Florida Times-Union, a Georgia pastor plans to channel his inner Evel Knievel this weekend. The Augusta Baptist preacher has designed motorcycle stunts as part of his Augusta motorcycle jumping ministry—Jumping for the King. Shortly before Saturday’s jump in Florida, Aaron Ramsey plans to give a talk, complete with gospel singing, prior to jumping his motorcycle over nine buses outside of the church. The following day, he plans to jump his motorcycle again and even jump his motorcycle through a wall of fire.

After spiraling into drugs and alcohol, the Georgian preacher saw Robbie Knievel, son of Evel Knievel, speak after he jumped 30 limousines. He was so inspired by Robbie’s speech that he decided to redirect his faith and his passion for motorcycles and formed Jumping for the King. Since Jumping for the King began, Ramsey has done 200 jumps across much of the Midwest and Southwest.
This fun and uplifting story serves to remind us that motorcycle enthusiasts come in all forms—including daredevil motorcycle stunt preachers! While most motorcycle headlines end with a somber reminder of the dangers associated with motorcycle riding, this story paints a different picture. Whether you are a novice motorcycle rider or a veteran biker, motorcyclists do have a role to play in creating a better world. Whether it is through charity rides, public awareness campaigns, becoming a strong legal advocate for motorcycle rights, or using your passion for motorcycles to inspire others to lead a better life, motorcyclists from all across the United States have reason to share their enthusiasm with the world.
As avid motorcyclists—we understand your passion; as experienced motorcycle attorneys—we understand your risks. If you are a motorcyclist who is passionate about riding, it pays to have a legal team in your corner that is just as passionate about defending you and your rights to ride. Contact the experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at 1-800-4-BIKERS today for a free consultation. WE RIDE—WE CARE—WE WIN.

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