Texas Motorcycle LawyersTexas Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: Fatal Accidents Rise

As more and more baby boomers and seniors are choosing to ride the open road on two wheels, the number of fatal motorcycle accidents involving this age group is rapidly increasing. In fact, bikers over the age of 40 are the fastest rising group of motorcyclists to be fatally injured when riding according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The NHTSA estimates that in 1998, 760 bikers over age 40 were killed in motorcycle accidents. The number of fatalities in the 40+-age range rose to 2,687 in 2008. This may be due in part to an increase in motorcycle sales to this age group, in addition to the higher risk of severe injuries to older drivers.
Bikers in Texas are not immune to this sharp increase in fatalities for the over 40 crowd.
Just last week in Lewisville, Texas, Ray Torres died in a Texas motorcycle hit and run accident according to a Dallas News article. Ironically, the 42-year old victim had just recently recovered from another motorcycle hit and run accident in Arlington that occurred a year ago. After six months of rehabilitation from his first motorcycle accident, Torres was back on his bike again only to suffer fatal motorcycle injuries the second time around.
Unfortunately, many bikers over 40 have been in fatal Texas motorcycle accidents this year, including a 60-year old motorcyclist from Amarillo, Texas who died this month when trying to pass another vehicle. Other tragic fatal motorcycle accidents in Texas include a 44-year old Longview, Texas biker who died in February after he lost control of his bike and a 44-year old Texas motorcyclist who died this past March in Gonzales, TX when a van driver failed to yield before making a turn.
Regardless of your age, basic motorcycle safety is important. Wear a helmet and safety gear, get proper training, and follow traffic laws. Your life depends on it.
If you have suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one in a Texas motorcycle accident, you need an experienced Texas motorcycle accident attorney who understands the unique aspects of motorcycle accidents. Whether the accident occurred in Dallas,(Dallas Motorcycle Lawyers) Fort Worth (Fort Worth Motorcycle Attorneys), Houston (Houston Biker Injury Lawyer), Lubbock, (Lubbock Motorcycle Injury Attorney), or any other city in Texas, please contact our Texas motorcycle attorneys today to get help with your case.

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