As I have said before truth is stranger than fiction and when I have told friends about some of the headlines I have read recently they think I have been drinking. The last funny/weird one was out of Tampa, Florida, about the thief who tried to steal a motorcycle with the owner of the motorcycle on the bike. Well that owner happened to be a police officer so the wanna be crook was BUSTED. I just read a headline now that says “Motorcycle vs Backhoe”, so off course I had to read that one. It is from Rhode Island and a backhoe was turning left and the motorcycle ran into it. Therefore the backhoe won.There is so much we have to be on the look-out for and now add backhoe to the list. They are deadly to bikers.
Other headlines:
El Paso, Texas, “Southbound lanes of US 54 closed by motorcycle crash”. One seriously injured in a one motorcycle one car crash.
Biker gang bust in various areas of Arizona. People arrested in Kingman, Arizona, Rimrock, Arizona, Golden Valley, AZ and Bullhead City, AZ.
West Virginia, Berkeley, Co a man was killed when his motorcycle collided with a pick-up truck.
Jacksonville, Fla, a motorcycle rider is in critical condition after being hit by a Honda Civic
Lafayette, LA a 20 year old woman was killed when a car pulled into her path
and last but not least Harley to close a manufacturing plant and shed around 1000 jobs.

Tis the season for drinking and driving and with warmer temperatures we are riding longer into the winter. Please drive safe and take care out there. Everybody on the road is going to be focussed on holiday parties and family functions so we need to be extra cautious on the roads.
Ciao from Los Angeles, California
Watch out for those backhoes!!!