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Many Ohio motorcyclists cringe at the thought of wearing a helmet while riding their motorcycle. The freedom of riding with the wind whipping through your hair is one of the things Ohio motorcyclists love most about riding on the open road. Even Ohio legislation agrees—after all, motorcyclists are not required to wear helmet when riding their bikes on Ohio roadways. Yet, safety experts urge motorcyclists to reconsider. Wearing a helmet is the number one way to prevent serious and often fatal head injuries from occurring. Don’t believe them?? Consider this…..
According to Cleveland.com, in July 2010, two motorcyclists were killed in separate motorcycle accidents when they were thrown from their bikes. Scott Musell of Elyria, Ohio sustained life threatening injuries when he crashed his 1982 Honday CB650 motorcycle in Ashland County, on Ohio 302 near Ohio 58. Mussell crossed the center lane while turning on a curve and crashed head-on into an oncoming vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the hospital—Mussell was not wearing a helmet.
That same day, another Ohio motorcyclist lost his life when he crashed his motorcycle into a car in Cleveland, Ohio. Brian Adkins was thrown off of his motorcycle and pronounced dead at the scene—Adkins was also not wearing a helmet.
While not every Ohio motorcycle accident is fatal, motorcyclists who do not wear helmets are at an increased risk for sustaining serious traumatic brain injuries and other lifelong injuries. In March of 2009, an Ohio couple was injured in a serious motorcycle accident during a rainstorm. According to Cleveland.com, Cindy Alford had a gash in her head and sustained brain injuries that still affect her memory—even today. Her partner, Rick Pringle spent weeks in a coma on a ventilator and hooked to a feeding tube. He still has memory and hearing loss as a result of his head injuries.
According to Cleveland.com, Rick states
“If I had a helmet, I wouldn’t be in the situation I am in now. It needs to be a state law. I say wear your helmet. That’s my law now.”
If you or someone you love is injured in anOhio motorcycling accident, it is important to find an Ohio motorcycle accident attorney who understands the intricacies associated with all types of motorcycle accidents.
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